Thursday, February 18, 2010

Big Bend Trip - Day One

I couldn't wait to get the hell outta dodge, but I wound up taking my time anyway. I'm heading to the Big Bend area of Texas to meet up with some friends from the MTF for the Big Bend Rough Road Ride. This has been the worst winter I've spent in Bowling Green, KY and it's time to haul ass.

But first I have to load the DR. Yes. Let me say that again. I have to load the DR. God, that hurts.

I bought a truck a week or so ago. It was either a truck or a trailer and, well, a truck just seemed like the right and proper thing to do. I also bought a 7 foot loading ramp. The truck's a 4x4 and sits a little higher than most. The loading ramp, even at 7 feet, is still at a butt-clenching angle.

A few days prior to leaving I practiced loading the bike and made it up in one piece, but I was lucky. Towards the top I gassed it a bit and the right side strap came undone. The ramp was tweaked at an angle. It could have made for a really shitty experience and a brutal lesson learned. Would've been a cool YouTube viddy, though.

I've modified the strapping technique to eliminate this issue.

As it turned out I didn't use the ramp to load the bike. I found a nice hill and backed the truck up to it. Almost perfect angle too. Only had to ask one person to come over to help get the bike in the back. And once the bike was in the bed of the truck, I only dropped it once and layed it over once. No damage done to the bike or new truck.

I've modified the strapping technique to eliminate this issue. ;)

So it's 8:48 AM and I'm off. Wait a minute. Son-of-a-bitch! I forgot the ramp. Idiot. Thankfully, I was only at the second light from home.

Ya. This hauling bike gig will be a learning experience. I don't like it. Wish me luck. Wish the DR luck. Wish my truck luck.

I kinda figured getting to Dallas the first day would be a good goal. Driving sucks. I stopped in Texarkana and liked it.

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Voni said...

See you soon.
Great weather here!
Off to the Dutch Oven Cookoff today . . .