Monday, August 9, 2010

What's Worse?

Well I'm not sure what's worse... getting a flat on a brand-spankin new tire, finding the hole/slash and not being able to plug it sufficiently or seeing your bike on the back of flatbed. Doesn't really matter. They all suck.

Coming into Memphis I ran over something (road alligator?) and it buggered up the rear license plate and slashed the rear tire. The hole itself wasn't a huge slash, but long enough to prevent two plugs from sealing it properly. So I called AAA to come rescue me from the west-bound lane of I-40. Since it's Monday none of the MC shops are open and I'm shacked up at the Courtyard in Memphis waiting for the Honda shop to open tomorrow.

Thankfully, the puncture didn't cause an instantaneous loss of pressure. A few miles after hearing/feeling the incident, I felt the rear end getting a little jiggy with it. I had plenty of time to pull over and evaluate the situation. Not good and here I sit drinking beers and liking it. For now, life is good.